6.5x4.5 Black Rectangle Paper Tray

Item No.: PR-500
PR series is another good choice for sushi packaging, there are common sizes for your sushi food. To increase the hardness and water/oil resistance of tray, there is laminating PP film inside and PE film outside
  • Lid Material: Paperboard
  • Lid Dimensions (mm): 184x129x30
  • Base Material: Anti Fog Clear PET
  • Base Dimensions (mm): 175x120x37
  • Packing: 400 pcs/ctn
  • Description
    Harvest PR-500 6.5x4.5 Black Rectangle Paper Tray
    Harvest PR series paper sushi tray is a new alternative for sushi packaging container. There are 6 common sizes available: PR-02, PR-03, PR-05, PR-07, and PR-09. The shallow paper tray and the height of the dome lid are customized for sushi. 
    The tray of PR-500, PR-750 and PR-1000 is more deeper than former. It is suitable for sandwiches, burgers, donuts and other bakery.
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    Water Proof Oil Proof
    Product Description
    Waterproof & Oilproof
    Even it is made from natural fiber, our pulp products is waterproof and oilproof.
    Our material are 100% tree free which is biodegradable, healthy, recyclable, and renewable.
    It can hold cold food and store in a freezer such as the cases in the supermarket or the display case in the café.
    Various Application
    It can hold a variety of food, such as sandwiches, burgers, fries, chips, bread, cakes, dessert, and so on.
    Item Material Dimensions (mm) Packing Carton Sizes (mm)
    PR-02 Paper 215x77x25 400 pcs/ctn 350x350x455
    Lid PET(Anti Fog) 224x86x30 400 pcs/ctn 460x320x360
    PR-03 Paper 150x105x25 400 pcs/ctn 340x325x445
    Lid PET(Anti Fog) 159x114x30 400 pcs/ctn 465x320x330
    PR-05 Paper 175x120x25 400 pcs/ctn 505x345x440
    Lid PET(Anti Fog) 184x129x30 400 pcs/ctn 530x320x380
    PR-07 Paper 205x128x25 300 pcs/ctn 435x345x450
    Lid PET(Anti Fog) 214x137x30 300 pcs/ctn 440x320x425
    PR-09 Paper 220x135x25 300 pcs/ctn 470x370x435
    Lid PET(Anti Fog) 229x144x30 300 pcs/ctn 470x320x445
    PR-500 Paper 175x120x37 400 pcs/ctn 495x385x470
    Lid PET(Anti Fog) 184x129x30 400 pcs/ctn 530x320x380
    PR-750 Paper 205x150x37 300 pcs/ctn 480x370x450
    Lid PET(Anti Fog) 214x159x30.5 300 pcs/ctn 490x320x440
    PR-1000 Paper 205x150x45 300 pcs/ctn 435x425x480
    Lid PET(Anti Fog) 214x159x30.5 300 pcs/ctn 490x320x440
    Lids made form PLA, PET, and RPET are suitable for cold food. (Hot resistance up to 50℃/122℉)
    The whole food packaging (plastic lid and paper tray) can't be put in to the microwave or oven.