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New developments — Paper Pulp Products

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Author : Davina Fang, Beryl Gau
Update time : 2015-03-11 21:17:08
  Paper pulp product’s material is made from sugarcane, bamboo and various plant fiber. The raw materials are extensive and will not affect the environment and recycling. The hot resistance is up to 120°C, can be filled with hot food, can be put into microwave. It’s biodegradable feature makes it can replace non-environmentally friendly packaging materials such as foamed plastics to a certain extent. It is one of the development trends of new packaging materials.
  1. CH grab 2 go series
The appearance of this series has a circular upper diameter and a square bottom, this design can increase the pressure resistance of the product. There are two capacity options: 750ml and 1000ml. The biggest feature is the ability to add a removable inner tray in it, which is very suitable for noodle soup. It can separate the noodles from the soup and maintain the taste of noodles.
  1. CJ Japanese lunch box series
There are also biodegradable pulp options of the two most popular Japanese lunch boxes: 806 and 805! CJ306 is 5-division lunch box, CJ305 is 4-division lunch box. Two capacities and sizes meet your different demands.
  1. CT Poke Bowl series
CT series is our new product under development. The square bowl with a diameter of about 7 inches, there will be three sizes of 20oz, 28oz and 36oz to choose. It’s the best choice for traditional Japanese rice bowls, donburi rice, or Hawaiian Poke Food.
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